Welcome to Exeter Synagogue

Having just celebrated the return to our synagogue, after the arson attack in July, we hear of a murderous attack at another synagogue, this time in Pittsburgh, and this time with far more terrible consequencies, followed six months later by the murder of another innocent at Chabad of Poway at the conclusion of Pesach. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who knew and had connections with the victims. We will remain strong as a community, determined to continue to affirm life - as Rabbi Goldstein of Poway so passionately said: Am Yisra'el Chai!


We welcome anyone who is Jewish to become a member of the Congregation. We are also welcoming to those who are not Jewish who wish to be associated with us. For more information on how to join us please click here


We hold services nearly every Shabbat and for most festivals. Exeter is not affiliated to any of the movements and we hold a variety of service styles. For some services, men and women may sit together, and the service is conducted mostly in English. For others, we may ask men and women to sit separately, and the service may be more traditional in style. We try to make all services accessible to everyone regardless of previous preferences. Visiting rabbis and service leaders are welcomed from a variety of denominations.

For further details of the proposed services for the coming weeks please click here.

Newsletter Articles

Articles from our newsletter going back over ten years, giving you a good idea about us as people, as a congregation, and what we do and believe. Click here

Visits to the Synagogue

Visits to the synagogue by educational groups are always welcome. Please contact the synagogue to make arrangements. Visits by individuals are also possible, but please try to give us notice, as we are all volunteers, with other commitments, such as jobs and families. Details

Dreidl Dribblers - our New Group for Parents and Toddlers

Dreidl Dribblers meet on the first Saturday afternoon of each month - All parents, grandparents and children under school age are welcome. For more information please click here.

Nitzanim ("Little Buds") Group for Parents and Children

Nitzanim meet every Sunday - All parents and children are welcome. For more information please click here.

Hebrew Classes

A Basic Biblical Hebrew class meets on the University campus on Friday afternoons. For more information please click here.

Finding out about Judaism

For those of you who want to discover more about Judaism, Jewish Life and Israel, here are some good links to help you get there quickly.

Our Health and Safety Policy

We have agreed a Health and Safety Policy.
It should be read by anyone with business in the synagogue and followed at all times.

It is available for download here

Our Archives

There is a great deal more about the history of the community here. Our archives have been deposited with the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.

In particular, there is a link to an extensive section devoted to information about Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser z"l, now available through the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.