About Us

Jews have lived and worshipped in Exeter for over 250 years. The synagogue, which was built in 1763, is small, beautiful and, happily, still used regularly for services. It has been carefully restored by successive generations, the last time being in 2013 to mark the start of our 250th anniversary year.

Entrance Way

The synagogue, by its very existence and antiquity, forms a focal point for the Jewish identity of many Jews living in the South West, of a wide variety of backgrounds, persuasions and commitments.

The Work of the Congregation

All the work we do is completely voluntary. We provide religious services, social activities, cultural events and other forms of contact for Jewish people, and for our many friends. We visit the sick in hospital, we visit Jewish prisoners in local prisons, we officiate at weddings and funerals, all to the best of our ability. Thousands of school-children visit the synagogue each year, for most of whom it is their first contact with Jews and Judaism. We actively promote inter-faith understanding.

The Cemetery

The Congregation's ancient and picturesque cemetery is maintained at its expense, and provides a peaceful resting place for its members. It has a haunting beauty, enhanced by the Hebrew lettering of its ancient tombstones, that we are anxious to preserve sensitively for the future.


The work that we do is for the good name of all Jewish people, whether they belong to a synagogue or not, and reaches many people, of all faiths and none, who seek us out. They come from Devon, from the South West, from throughout Britain, and from the whole world. We would appreciate your donation, which may be sent to the address on the home page, to help us with our work.

We welcome anyone who is Jewish to become a member of the Congregation.

Download a membership application pack, or contact our membership secretary to discuss membership.


If you would like to read our constitution, click here.


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