A Friend in America


We are delighted to share in the celebrations for David Long's bar mitzvah on 20th March. This was a special and unusual event on several counts. Firstly, it was held on the fiftieth anniversary of the bar mitzvah that David never had. Secondly, David is a direct descendant of Abraham Ezekiel, one of the co-founders of Exeter Synagogue in 1763. Thirdly, David and his wife live in Pennsylvania, in the United States. And fourthly, instead of gifts, David requested that his bar mitzvah guests should send a donation to Exeter Synagogue. In consequence of his kindness, and his guests' generosity, a total of nearly $1,000 has been received. We should like to give our thanks to these kind people:

  • Sid & Barbara Altman
  • Edward & Gail Snitzler
  • Alan & Ruth Smith
  • Barry Altman
  • Jerome & Anne Zaslow
  • Marilyn Silverman
  • Bettijane Eisenpreis
  • Harold & Frances Rosenbluth
  • David & Virginia Kaufman
  • Anne Berkowitz
  • Robert & Barbara Claycomb

We shall be discussing appropriate ways of spending this money at our next meeting.

We first met Mr & Mrs Long three years ago, while they were on a flying visit to Exeter. I'd just got back from the hospital, shortly before the birth of my daughter, when they 'phoned. It was certainly worth the trip back into Exeter, to make the acquaintance of this charming and generous couple, and wish them a hearty mazal tov!